cardigan diagonal box stitch

Diagonal Box Stitch
The pattern of the stitches look a little bit like corner-to-corner crochet, also called diagonal box stitch, but the effect is achieved when working in rows rather than on the diagonal. Some designers have mixed up the two, so there are occasionally patterns that describe the crazy stitch instructions but call it the c2c stitch. If it's worked on the diagonal (with the first "row" being just one box, the next two boxes, etc.") then it's the corner-to-corner stitch; if it's worked in true rows then it's the crazy crochet stitch.

video tutorial & pattern - 3D crochet flower No 12

Pattern:  start with  adjustable ring ,3 chain and 15 dc ( double crochet)....16 in total.   1 row - 3 chain and 15 dc ( double crochet)....16 in total,slst (slip stitch).        2 row - 3 chain ,2dc in the stitch ,*5 chain  - 1dc on the edge of the last  3dc in the stitch  ,skip 1chain ,3dc in the stitch,*repeat this until and the end of row ,8 times in total.